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FSF Superflat Floors offer both Super Flatness and Durability for VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) warehouses. These facilities require lift-trucks operating with wire guidance systems embedded in the floor or rack mounted rails. FSF Superflat Floors can be upgraded for greater Durability by integrating the FMT Surface application.


FSF Superflat Floors are constructed in narrow strips to ensure that the highest degree of flatness is achieved for the defined traffic specification. Great care and consideration is given to optimize the local materials to obtain the best possible concrete mix design with emphasis on finishability and durability. The strike-off is performed with a laser screed and the forms are adjusted as needed. The next critical step is to float the slab with a power trowel and cross rod to obtain the high flatness requirements of a super flat floor. The slab is troweled over several times with a power trowel and cross rodded to achieve the required super flat tolerance. Proper timing and direction of the trowel machine patterns produce a dense burnished-steel trowel finish that is super flat, light reflective and extremely Durable and Abrasion Resistant.


FSF Superflat Floors provides a defined traffic concrete floor slab that is super flat and extremely Durable as a result of the finishing techniques used by Fricks. The FSF Superflat Floor can be further enhanced when integrated with the FMT Surface application for facilities that have higher traffic volumes or around the clock operations.


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