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Career Opportunities
Discover employment opportunities at Fricks


Whether at the home office, or on the job-site across the country, The Fricks Company team members share a united purpose: Providing clients with a reliable and superior quality of design and construction by consistently improving our processes, products and services, while giving our team a positive and safe environment. You’ll find the Fricks work environment to be designed around our values that ensure a quality working environment and benefits for our employees while striving to provide customers with superior quality and service. 


Fricks strives to achieve the best in service, and employee growth with employee-developed values that are at the forefront of everything we do. Employees learn and contribute to Values that are outlined with the Fricks Green Book that all employees receive.

Provide your best to others; Demand the best in yourself

Deliver on your commitments; Represent Fricks with pride of ownership

Create a positive experience that others will recognize and appreciate; Respond with 'Competitive Urgency'

Treat others with dignity, honesty and respect; Value others and help them succeed

Take ownership of your action and decisions; You are an ambassador for Fricks


Fricks offers rewarding career options and a comprehensive benefit package for full-time team members. 

Our standard benefit package includes:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • 401k Plan
  • Competitive Pay/Compensation
  • Safety Award Program
I’ve worked for Fricks for nearly 40 years and appreciate the respect that I’ve seen between co-workers. I respect everyone’s opinion and I believe they respect mine.
Gerald Flores
I don’t know of many companies that would do what we do and go the extra mile to please our customers.
Miriam Sifuentes
Project Coordinator
Growing up around the people of FRICKS, and now a part of the team, I have always been amazed at the unwavering determination to constantly improve, and produce the best possible product for each and every customer. Fricks has always strived for EXCELLENCE.
Ethan Fricks
Project Manager
Leadership is about helping others to better themselves. This is a great way to earn respect.
Jose Sandoval
At Fricks it has always been about ‘Excellence’ and ‘Attention to detail’. It has always started from the top and made clear that the small details done right make the whole superior.
Mike Haag
Chief Estimator
Integrity takes years to build but it takes only seconds to lose. Never allow yourself to do anything that would damage your integrity.
Joel Iruegas
Project Manager
True service requires more than monetary attributes. It requires a leadership commitment that provides integrity and legitimate care in the service to our customers. It was these leadership characteristics that attracted me to Fricks.
Bret Wedding
Business Development
I arrived at Fricks twenty years ago. With discipline and hard work we’ve built good things, and built a future for our company and ourselves.
Miguel Almaguer
Always be willing to help each other so we can all succeed.
Roger Serna
Shop Foreman
The Fricks Company has been a good place to establish goals and success, it offers a good work environment, andopportunities to improve.
Victor Contreras
Treating others with dignity, honesty and respect promotes team spirit, which fosters superior workmanship. I’ve worked for Fricks for 40+ years and have seen this many times.
Freddy Calvillo