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Industries and Clients
Experienced in a variety of Industries

Fricks has proven results, improving performance across dozens of the most demanding industries. Discover Fricks durable floor solutions for your industry.

Cold Storage

Fricks builds dependable floors for some of the largest retail distribution companies in America – many are repeat customers for some of the largest distribution facilities. Only Fricks understands the unique requirements of retail distribution and provides a host of reliable floor products that deliver performance for years to come.


Materials often used in the beverage industry, such as glass and aluminum, prevent challenges for the ordinary floor, that's why for years Fricks has exceeded the demands of the beverage industry for tough, lasting concrete floors that withstand abuse. Fricks shrinkage compensating concrete has 90% fewer joints, and the joints left behind are flat, seamless and armored for superior performance.

Data Centers

Fricks understands the unique needs of drug and health care manufacturers and distribution warehouses. Fricks provides floors with a highly-durable, impact-resistant, and joint-free design with up to 90% fewer joints - reducing potential cracking, equipment maintenance and the spread of bacteria and molds. In addition for Fricks also provides epoxy surface alternatives that are easy to clean and hygienic.