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Superior Quality and Durability
for Nearly a Half of a Century
For nearly a half of a century, Fricks has been innovating, building and standing behind some of the most durable floors in the World.

Creating The Most Durable Floor in the World

FRICKS is the ONLY Nationwide Single-Source Design/Build Industrial Concrete Floor and Solutions Partner.

FRICKS specializes in providing The Most Durable Concrete Floor in the World through Delivering their Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Floors which are holistically more durable and virtually eliminate curling and cracking while eliminating up to 90% of joints.

FRICKS are True Pioneers and the Recognized Experts in concrete floor design and construction with over 24 DIFFERENTIATOR ADVANTAGES:


01 Our own Professional Journeymen

02 Increased Surface Strength

03 Increased Service Life

04 Increased Productivity

05 Significant Cost Savings

06 Free Design Build

07 Superior Mix designs

08 Minimum 3 Year Warranty

09 Cleaning Without Chemicals

10 Decreased Floor Maintenance

11 Decreased Product Loss

12 Decreased Potential for Cracking

13 Less Curling and Spalling

14 Unmatched Detailed Finishing

15 3X to 4X Lower Permeability

16 Greater Abrasion Resistance

17 Superior Flatness/Levelness

18 Increased Control Joint Strength

19 Better Load Transfer

20 Larger Slab Size for Less Joints

21 90% Fewer Joints

22 Less Equipment Maintenance

23 Better Equipment Operator Safety

24 Self-Polishing Floor with Use