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The FDF Finish Durable Floor Logo
The FDF Finish Durable Floor
"I used to think that Fricks only had high-performance floors. Fricks conventional floors are a great value – providing better durability at an affordable cost."


FDF Finish floors offer durable industrial concrete floor slabs for facilities that have medium to low forklift traffic volume. FDF Finish floors are more durable than typical floors because materials are optimized from the subgrade to the reinforcing and most importantly the materials that make up the concrete being installed. We pay close attention to detail to provide the highest level of quality and durability throughout the entire floor slab.


FDF Finish floors are typically constructed in large block pours. Initial strike-off is performed using a Somero Laser screed® as in most of our floor system installations. Following the initial set of the concrete we float the surface with a power trowel then check rod the surface to obtain the proper flatness and levelness that is required for each project. Attention to detail ensures a proper finish at the construction joints, walls and slab penetrations. Power trowels are used over the entire slab in alternating patterns providing a burnished trowel finish and a dense, Durable wear surface.


FDF Finish floors are ideal for the customer that does not require the high demands of a FMT Surface or FDT Topping floor system because of lower traffic volumes, but is sensitive to details. Through attention to detail, Fricks  turns a conventional concrete floor specification into a Fricks Durable Floor because there is nothing conventional about a Fricks Durable Floor.

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