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FDT Topping 
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FDT Topping Dewatered Traprock
The calculation of estimators is often incomplete. Once they remember to DIVIDE the initial cost by the expected floor life, a Fricks floor easily becomes the least expensive.


FDT Topping system offers exceptional Durability for the most demanding operations in distribution, processing and manufacturing facilities. This traprock topping applied over a shrinkage compensating or type I/II concrete base slab provides the highest level of abrasion and impact resistance available in a concrete floor slab. Traprock and steel armored joints greatly increase durability and cost savings over the life of the facility.

The Process:

The first step is placing a base slab to support the loads of your facility. The surface of the base slab is abraded after placement to allow bonding of the FDT Topping wear surface and then wet cured.  Materials are optimized to formulate a Traprock topping mix-design with a higher than normal coarse aggregate (Traprock) and cement content which provides a Durable Abrasion Resistant wear surface. FDT Topping is placed over the base slab and every void is filled ensuring proper consolidation and bonding. Following strike-off, drying mats are placed over the wet topping to remove the excess water providing greater Durability. Once the drying mats are removed the Topping is consolidated using a specially-designed machine. Attention to detail ensures that the edges are as flat and Durable as the entire floor system. Power trowels are then used in alternating patterns to provide an extremely dense, almost impermeable and highly Durable burnished trowel finish, producing a wear surface that will last a lifetime.

The Benefits:

The FDT Topping provides a highly Durable wear surface that is abrasion and impact resistant with fewer joints reducing equipment maintenance for many years. The FDT Topping provides a dust free, light reflective wear surface. The FDT Topping will last 5 to 7 times longer than a conventional floor slab. FDT Topping is ideal for facilities that typically support around-the-clock operations with excessive forklift traffic, such as food distribution centers, freezers/coolers, food processing plants and vehicle manufacturing facilities that require high impact resistance.


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