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The FMT Surface Monolithic Traprock Floor Logo
The FMT Surface Monolithic Traprock Floor
Fricks helped us optimize our facility by using a highly-durable FDT Floor in the bays, and a FDF in the assembly areas. This optimized performance and cut costs tremendously.


The FMT Surface is the most cost-effective way to increase durability and provides the greatest return on investment for facilities with excessive forklift traffic volumes. FMT Surface is a dry shake aggregate surface hardener that extends the life of the floor providing abrasion and impact resistance. FMT Surface is an extremely versatile traprock floor system. FMT Surface can be applied to all of Fricks' floor systems to meet the demands of your facility.


FMT Surface uses an aggregate hardener that is broadcast over the surface of the concrete floor slab and densified with our unique finishing techniques. The first application is a well-graded Traprock aggregate coated with cement to insure proper seeding into the floor surface. The Traprock is broadcast evenly onto the slab surface immediately following initial strike-off of the concrete then floated with the proper tools. Following the initial set of the concrete, the slab is floated with a power trowel. Attention to detail ensures a proper flat finish at the construction joints as well. Power trowels are used over the entire slab in alternating patterns to produce a wear surface that is very dense and almost impermeable. This highly Durable burnished trowel finish will last for many years of abuse.


The FMT Surface provides a Durable wear surface that is abrasion and impact resistant and light reflective. Construction and control joints are also more Durable, resisting the impact of forklift traffic because of the attention to detail and the Durable finish. The FMT Surface will last three to five times longer than a conventional or non-surface hardened floor slab. FMT Surface is ideal for facilities that typically have around-the-clock operations resulting in excessive forklift traffic such as Food Distribution Centers, Freezers/Coolers, Food Processing Plants and Defined Traffic Facilities.


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