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What’s so special about SCC floors?

At FRICKS, we create concrete floors for high traffic, high-volume sites that require very durable floors with as few joints as possible, while meeting strict abrasion and impact guidelines. We are specialists in this very specific niche of the industry, and we’ve tested until we’ve found the right mix of materials and technique to deliver the highest quality floors for our clients.

One of the most important improvements we’ve made is with Shrinkage Compensating Concrete or SCC.

What is so great about SCC?

SCC costs a bit more than other concrete, and it requires more skill from the crew that uses it, but time and again, we’ve seen SCC floors outperform other types of floors, delivering longer use and a better, shorter return on investment for clients.

SCC is a kind of concrete that expands during its first week of curing then, as it finishes curing, it returns to its intended size. This process minimizes some of the biggest problems that regular concrete can cause, like cracking, curling, and joint spalling. SCC is stronger than regular cement and it sets differently, requiring a lot of skill from the finisher. Since it behaves differently than regular concrete, you need to make sure everyone on your team knows how to prepare and use it. You can learn more about it in our article, Shrinkage Compensating Concrete Requires Experienced Floor Contractors.

Why go to so much trouble?

SCC simply delivers the best results.

When working with clients, we have a multi-tiered approach. We first concentrate on mix design for each job, using the right blend of expansive concrete additive along with local mix and aggregates to ensure that the concrete will expand and set the way we want it to. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with mix producers to develop just the right concrete for our jobs, and we operate a lab at our facility in Texas where we test each mix and make sure it’s right for the needs of our clients.

Our attention to detail where the mix is concerned means we can deliver what clients want. In big warehouses that require dense, flat floors, joints are a culprit that can start raveling and interfere with equipment. Using SCC means we can extend joints comfortably to about 120 x 120, eliminating scores of joints for each warehouse. We can also eliminate the control joints; the construction joints are protected with Armor Edge.

Our crew of professionals

Another aspect of our work is the attention to detail that’s required when working with SCC. Our finishing crew is specially trained to work with our system.

Longer-lasting, quality floors

Fewer joints and reduced curling create a more durable surface, which is important for our clients who use forklifts all day long to move products around the warehouse. Our floors take a lot of abuse, but we deliver in the end with cost savings over the lifetime of the facility. Our floors also require a lot less maintenance - the light-reflective surface maintains for a long time, and no sealers are required with our floors.

The SCC Company

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation as “The SCC Company,” and we don’t mind the nickname at all. As we’ve grown into our level of expertise with SCC, we’ve been lucky to see industries grow that need our specialized floors. We’ll continue to develop advances in our testing lab and through our partnerships so that we can always deliver the right mix for each job.