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Pre-Slab Construction Meeting Key to Success

Planning and communication have the biggest impact on any successful endeavor and that includes installing the right concrete floor. With a complex project such as a food storage warehouse or an automated storage and retrieval facility there are numerous contractors, subcontractors, and others who must time their work around the needs of the project.  

Since the floor is the foundation of the operation, supporting racks and forklifts, a Pre-Slab Construction meeting prepares everyone involved in its installation to move forward efficiently and with no surprises. 

A good Pre-Slab Construction meeting ensures that the owner gets a quality floor the first time. What do owners want? A uniform durable finish with minimal cracking, curling, and joints. Each party involved in the installation must be in the loop to make this happen. 


A Pre-Slab Construction meeting should occur about 2 weeks prior to the slab installation. Before the conference an agenda must be developed and communicated with everyone who is expected to attend.

Conference members should review the agenda and come prepared to present the methods and procedures to be used in their portion of the project. In addition, members must put together a list of any questions they have about coordination, scheduling, and any other issues.

Agenda Items

The following are some agenda items to be addressed at the conference. You may find some to be irrelevant to your particular project or that other items need inclusion.

?      Base and sub-base composition, preparation, compaction, testing, and tolerances. (Note that the sub-base tolerance impacts the thickness tolerance.)

?      Sub-Grade Proof Roll and inspection

?      Vapor barrier requirement.

?      Concrete mix design 

?      Climatic conditions 

?      Placement condition and weather protection

?      Hot weather or cold weather concrete needs

?      Placing schedule to alert other contactors where and when they can work and when the slab can be used.

?      Placement methods and procedures including any needed mix design changes.

?      Maximum joint spacing and the type of joints to be used.

?      Testing Procedures and frequency

?      Finishing Methods

?      Armor Joint Location

?      Joint filler

?      FF/FL specification and repair guideline.

?      Owner Expectations

Members in Attendance 

Members or representatives of each discipline are expected to attend the Pre-Slab Construction meeting. When members are missing or come unprepared it is difficult to meet the owner’s expectations.

Who should attend?

?      Owner or representative

?      Architect/Engineer

?      General Contractor / Construction Manager

?      Concrete contractor

?      Ready Mix producer

?      Testing Agency

?      Pumping contractor

?      Other Trades that directly affect production and working environment


Planning is key to successful concrete floor installation and a Pre-Slab Construction meeting is key to communication with the entire project team. By scheduling a Pre-Slab Construction meeting, preparing an agenda ahead of time, and allowing everyone the chance to prepare ensures the proper team is brought together to communicate needs and work out problems before the work begins.