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Avoiding Joint Failure in Concrete Floors

Joint failure is one of the most common issues that warehouses experience with concrete floors. Stress and tension are released through construction joints so that the concrete material itself doesn't crack. However, that doesn't mean that joints themselves can't be damaged. In particular, the edges of joints may become stressed and eventually fail. This can be extraordinarily hazardous, especially when heavy equipment comes into play.

Reducing Joint Failure by Reducing Necessary Joints

Expansion joints are necessary in any environment that deals with either temperature extremes or heavy equipment. Refrigerated warehouses are one of the prime candidates for expansive cements. It's ideal to have the fewest number of joints that are necessary for the performance of the forklifts and the floor. The joints themselves are essential, but fewer joints means less maintenance. FRICKS offers shrinkage compensating floors with up to 90% fewer joints, to reduce the potential for curling and improve upon the overall durability of the surface and the life of the floor.

Armored Joints for Heavy Equipment

Many refrigerated warehouses use heavy equipment to transport their materials. This heavy equipment will affect joints over time, and many traditional methods of reducing wear on joints are not effective. FRICKS offers steel armored joints to protect the edge of the concrete slab. These armored joints, used, in conjunction with shrinkage compensating concrete, make the joints far less likely to fail. The point of failure for a joint is usually the very edge of the surface slab. By protecting this area, FRICKS can create joints that are more durable and long-lasting even when exposed to excessive and heavy traffic.

Plate Dowels

Plate dowels are a recently developed technology that provides additional support to joints that round dowels could not achieve. Plate dowels effectively transfer the load across the two adjacent slab. These load plates also make it easier for the slab to expand and contract equally in all directions, rather than being stressed in certain areas. When used in combination with other techniques, such as armored joints, diamond-shaped dowels can significantly increase the longevity of a concrete floor.  

If you want to learn more about how joint issues may affect the performance of your refrigerated warehouse floor, contact the experts at FRICKS.