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3 Advantages of Having a Floor Contractor Design-Build Your Industrial Concrete Floor

When it comes to industrial facilities, the concrete floor is a vital part of any design-build construction project. Despite this, many design-builders have the engineer design the floor and hire a floor contractor to simply build it. While this can help you stay under construction budget, it gives you more responsibility and doesn’t ensure the facility owner gets a quality floor. Hiring the right floor contractor who both designs and builds the industrial concrete floor, however, comes with a variety of advantages and does not necessarily add to the bottom line of the project but can save the owner money for the life of the facility. 

1. You Don’t Have to Do it Yourself

Simply put, many design-builders just don’t give the floor the up-front consideration it deserves. Proper planning and design, can not only save time during the project, but ensure a better finished product. You’ll also possibly bear more of the responsibilities associated with the floor, such as maintenance and/or dealing with warranty issues. Both of these put more pressure on you as the design-builder.

Having a floor contractor design-build the industrial concrete floor alleviates these pressures, as they take care of everything involved with the floor. This lets you focus on other aspects of the design-build campaign, such as budgeting and communicating with the facility owner.

2. You Benefit From Their Experience

An experienced floor contractor who design-builds an industrial concrete floor does more than just handle the logistics of installing it. If they’re brought into the design-build process early, they can share their expertise with your team. This circumvents a host of issues, from project scheduling to how the floor integrates with walls and other elements of the facility.

Furthermore, an experienced design-build floor contractor knows what it takes to protect the floor from anything that could cause it to deteriorate faster. This proactive approach limits risks while improving your customer retention and protecting your reputation.

3. You Get a Better Floor for the Budget

As a design-builder, balancing cost and quality is one of your top priorities. You need to stay under budget, but you need a quality product for what you’re spending. By hiring a floor contractor to design-build your industrial concrete floor, you may have higher upfront costs, but you will make certain you’re getting a better floor for your budget, reducing risks on the project and increasing your client’s satisfaction. And many times a floor contractor design building a floor can offer valuable engineering options that many times produce a better floor for the same money or even less. 

These are just a few advantages of having a floor contractor design-build your industrial concrete floor. In the end, it will perform better, have a longer life, withstand harsh abuse and pay dividends for years to come.