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The Most Durable Floors

in the World

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Discover why Fricks concrete floor products are being called the most durable floors in the world.
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Fricks has proven results, improving performance across dozens of the most demanding industries.
Why Fricks?
View a video about The Fricks Company and discover what sets Fricks design/build apart from all other industrial floor contractors.
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24 Reasons Fricks is the Recognized Leader in Industrial Concrete Floors

Reasons Fricks is a Recognized Leader

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In the News

06/02/2022 Fricks Precision Floor Brochure

Fricks Precision Floor Brochure

Fricks Precision Floor Brochure

FRICKS is the ONLY Nationwide Single-Source Design/Build Industrial Floor Company for ALL the Latest in Automated Material...

More »
05/04/2022 Bret Wedding

Bret Wedding talks about the Fricks Company and it's success.

Vince and Jenna Free interviewed Bret Wedding, Executive Vice President of Fricks Company. They talk about how the Fricks company...

More »

The Terry Fricks Floor Excellence Award

The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) award for floor Excellence is now called “The Terry Fricks Floor Excellence Award”.


More »
01/28/2020 Bret Wedding

Capital Distribution Testimonial

Capital Distribution discusses the wholistic professionalism of Fricks regarding their floor construction. 


More »
11/11/2019 Bret Wedding

Fricks Optimized Concrete Paving

Fricks revolutionary Thin Concrete Pavement is a tough and cost-competitive leading-edge solution to traditional asphalt and concrete pavement.


More »
11/11/2019 Bret Wedding

Fricks Overview

Learn more about how Fricks blends Art and Science to construct premium quality, highly-durable concrete floors.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding

Testimony from Collin Campbell

Long-time Fricks customer Collin Campbell discusses how Fricks quality floors improve performance.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding


Timelapse of Fricks award-winning Superflat floor for a San Antonio area client.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding

Testimony from CTS Cement

Harry Moss of CTS Cement discusses Fricks unmatched expertise in designing superior floors for the food industry. 


More »
07/30/2019 Brett Wedding

Testimony from Primus Builders

Primus Builders Paul Grenier shows how "Everything starts with the concrete and goes up from there". "The best product you...

More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding

Testimony from Stellar

Fricks customer Joseph Bove illustrates the long-term value of a Fricks floor and the importance of chosing Fricks from the...

More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding


Video discussing Fricks craftsmanship in delivering consistent quality, expecially on shrinkage compensating concrete floors


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding


Fricks Shrinkage Compensating concrete eliminated concrete curling on larger slabs for fewer joint problems and costs.


More »
07/30/2019 Brett Wedding

Design Build

Fricks Design/Build optimizes product design to eliminate issues down the road. Key partnerships testify how Fricks delivers. 


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding


Fricks emphisis on concrete finishing craftsmenship makes Fricks the most durable floors in the World.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding


Industry professionals discuss the importance of joints for reducing equipment damage, product spillage and increasing productivity.


More »
07/30/2019 Brett Wedding

Trap Rock

The use of trap rock as a hard aggregate adds durablity and floor life.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding

FDT Topping Dewater Traprock VIRGINIA TIMELAPSE

View a timelapse of our highly-durable FDT Topping Dewater Traprock floor with this Virginia Timelapse.


More »
07/30/2019 Bret Wedding

FSC Advantage Shrinkage Compensation NASHVILLE TIMELAPSE

Watch sixty seconds of a timelapse view of Fricks FSC Advantage Compensation Floor – constructed for a Nashville-area client.


More »
10/11/2018 Brad Fricks

Fricks Testing Lab

Fricks provides concrete testing throughout all stages of concrete industrial floor construction. We test local concrete mix design for shrinkage...

More »

Fricks Company Overview

The Fricks Company video is an overview of our 40 years of experience building durable concrete floors for food processing,...

More »
12/05/2016 Joel Kilian

FRICKS Corporate Brochure

View our Company Brochure and allow us to show you a better concrete floor solution.


More »
12/04/2016 Greg Fricks

Flatness + Levelness + Durability = Longevity

Concrete flatness and levelness is not a guarantee of floor quality and longevity. Discover better standards for measuring quality and...

More »
12/02/2016 Greg Fricks

Fine Grading, Compact & Proof Rolling

Examples of Fricks Grading, Compacting and Proof Rolling


More »
12/02/2016 Greg Fricks

Laser Screed Strikeoff

Frick floor construction strike-off with laser screed and laborers installing floor.


More »
12/02/2016 Greg Fricks

Learn more about Shrinkage Compensation Concrete

Fricks floor finishing using double-pan concrete machine.


More »
09/13/2016 Greg Fricks1

3 Steps for Successful Concrete Floor Joint Maintenance

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden knew a thing or two about success. He also knew how important small things...

More »
08/09/2016 Greg Fricks

Exactly What is Shrinkage-Compensating Concrete?

Shrinkage-compensating concrete (SCC) has become the preferred material for industrial concrete floors. It offers a variety of advantages over conventional...

More »
07/19/2016 Greg Fricks

What Design-Builders May Not Be Considering When Planning an Industrial Concrete Floor

Customer retention and reputation protection are two of the biggest priorities for design-builders today. To achieve both, you’ll need to...

More »
07/12/2016 Greg Fricks

Techniques to Avoid Spalling in an Industrial Concrete Floor

Spalling is a serious concern for many facilities with industrial concrete floors that...

More »
05/16/2016 Greg Fricks

The Impact of Heavier Loads and Harder Forklifts and Pallet Rider Trucks Wheels on Concrete Floors

Over the last several years, industrial facilities have been using forklifts and pallet...

More »
05/05/2016 Greg Fricks

3 Advantages of Having a Floor Contractor Design-Build Your Industrial Concrete Floor

When it comes to industrial facilities, the concrete floor is a vital part...

More »